Social Archetyping

Human connection as the brands competitive advantage.

Social Archetyping™ helps brands articulate who they are and fully forms their social identity, giving brands the ability to talk like a person in a natural and human way.

This content turns the conversation to the people and motivates people to talk about themselves in relation to the brand,  tied to archetypal stories already in peoples heads.

Nature of the human mind is to try to make sense of things.

In social a brand only has a fleeting moment to capture peoples attention. We help you create content meaningful to people and your brand, that pulls people closer to you day after day.

Archetypes are our source code to help brands accelerate connection with people, creating a shared understanding and common ground which people look forward to day after day.

The Process of the "Art of Articulation".

Social Archetyping™ moves brands closer to people by helping them engage in meaningful conversations everyday with people online overtime. 

It’s a proven process that fully articulates the brand social identity and personality to create and drive content, creating thousands of relevant social posts.

Social Archetyping™ is built on our proprietary Intellectual Property.

This Intellectual Property has been refined since our founding of the Emotion Engine in 1998 that determined and targeted the right words and images to move people closer to brands. 

Since 2005 we have been leaders in social and conversational marketing working with top brands to drive meaningful conversation and build long term relationships with people.

Results tell our story - according to Jack Daniel's

"Working with Tom Troja and Social Symphony we have made these great stories relevant to our friends and our engagement rates have increased significantly. 

Tom showed us how to think methodically about our Facebook posts and we now craft each post imbuing it with meaning – 140 characters never worked so hard.”
Carmen D'Ascendis Director Global Marketing – Jack Daniel'