Social Symphony

How many Times Do We Have to be Hit on the Head by a 2x4 Before We See Clearly

Gunther Koo - Thursday, July 01, 2010

Having grown up in the big business age of media… working for CBS and Disney and others…. I see this below and just go wow. The decline has really picked up steam and the reason is stated in the last post below… Socializing. 

These headlines were pulled from the top stories on my MediaBistro email today. They summarize for me why I am doing what I am doing, focusing on the people, not the media companies, not the optimization companies, not the ad nets, not the publishers… not the big business side. It truly is the people who have the power… and they will continue to pay attention to what they care about… each other. 

Those of us who stay on the side of making all this work for the people will win. We can help the brands be a part of this and help them help the people in this new structure. That is what Social Symphony is all about. Long live the people! 

Broadcast Evening Newscasts Lose More Than 1 Million Viewers In Past Year (TVNewser) Even as the networks shuttle their anchors to points along the Gulf coast, "NBC Nightly News," "ABC World News" and the "CBS Evening News" continue to lose viewers. 

Playboy Reduces Headcount Again (Folio:) Playboy Enterprises said Tuesday that it is further "downsizing its organizational structure" in another step toward becoming a "brand management" company. 

Digital Magazines Don't Encourage Socializing (NYT / Bits) Most publishers are aggressively experimenting with new electronic devices that could replace their paper-based magazines, newspapers and books, yet some magazine apps are still shy about socializing.