Why We Matter

Every company has a purpose... here is ours

We believe humanity is primary in our social world. We help temper the technology and highlight the humanity during moments of interaction between brands and people. 

We do this by helping great brands bring a spirit of joy, love, music and emotion everyday to affirm the human spirit based on their related archetypal core that people feel in their gut.

Your brand is no longer what you tell people it is... it is what people tell each other it is!

Today  brands are in the middle of conversations wether they like it or not. They are either effective or they are exposed as out of touch. We prepare them to be very successful.

We support the fundamentals of successful brand building in social by fully forming the brand essence to a conversational tone to a more meaningful level with people.

We take social conversation to a new level – tapping into the archetypal emotion, imagery and imagination that is at the heart of every great brand.

We do something different... Social Archetyping™

We marry the human side of the brand with the social technology of today so the people part of the brand is leading and always connecting with people.

If you focus on people you can not disrupt  relationships and succeed. You need to build, to incubate relationships protectively over time with meaningful interactions. You earn the love.

Articulation of the brands conversational identity is job one for brands 

The key to success in social for a brand is having a fully formed social personality so brands will always be meaningful, involved and relevant with people.

Like cutting a diamond, we uncover many facets, characteristics and aspects of a brand and connect with Social Archetyping™ to create meaningful social content that moves people.

Articulation of the brand essence based on simple human truths puts your brand at the center of what is meaningful to people... a great place to be for any brand. We move people towards you.

We agree with Facebook and Forrester... and they agree with us

Facebook and Forrester recently released this report to improve brand performance Titled Building Brands For The Connected World

A key finding is that, "To win, marketers must articulate the brands social identity so that brands communicate with a unique, compelling and authentic voice."

This is what we do...  articulation  is the heartbeat of all brands connections, engagements, influences and integrations highlighted by facebooks graphic from the report below.

When a brand gets Articulation right, everything else works.

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