What We Do

We give the brand something great to say... everyday

We craft your "story of why" tied to your brands purpose. We do that in archetypes so that everyone understands.

We create great content, matching captions and images that pull people towards your brand everyday, integrating the brand into the day to day lives of people. 

We connect brands to what is meaningful in life

We help brands talk everyday in meaningful ways motivating people to talk about their world in ways that integrate the brand into peoples lives. 

No matter what the brand, we help pull people closer to you and put you in a position to win friends and sell your brand. We bring brands to social life.

Write posts, match images, build calendar and get great results

We construct a brands conversational foundation, a fully formed social personality with a human core and an authentic narrative relevant for most all conversations.

We write thousands of social posts from this, combine with powerful images in a marketing calendar and schedule powerful posts across multiple social platforms.

The right images paired with the right words… everyday

Images drive engagement. The caption is the brands way of making the image relevant in unique ways. 

Together the image and the caption surprise and delight and tell the brands story in meaningful ways with people day after day.

Mobile content, short and to the point across every platform

We work in a network comprised of great partners, are platform agnostic, partner to get great work done and work with most all social tools.

We are able to do all social efforts from posting, moderation, measurement, community management or to work with a brand who does all this themselves.

Archetypes can be integrated across all customer experiences

The insight derived from each archetype is extremely useful outside social. Think what the Guardian implies to customer service, the explorer to email and the magician to front lines sales.

Everyone already knows what they mean. The custom archetypes of the brand create immediate understanding at all customer experiences and can be used to change culture and behavior.

We are proud of our work with these great brands below

We have developed a unique process, Social Archetyping™ and here is how some of our clients use it everyday:









"We use social as the tip of the spear to help brands connect with people in meaningful ways. We use the insight from these archetypal connections to inform other parts of the organization to improve messaging, align behavior and change the culture to align with the digital future."

Tom Troja | CEO
Social Symphony

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What Clients Say

Carmen D'Ascendis
Director Global Marketing – Jack Daniel's

"Jack Daniel's is a brand rich with pop culture stories and history dating back to 1850. Working with Tom Troja and Social Symphony we have made these great stories relevant to our friends and our engagement rates have increased significantly.

Tom showed us how to think methodically about our FB posts and we now craft each post imbuing it with meaning – 140 characters never worked so hard.”

Michelle Lapierre
Senior Director – Marriott Rewards

"Marriott Rewards® is the global traveler’s preferred loyalty program, with a portfolio of 19 hotel brands in 72 countries. Finding our own unique voice to build enduring relationships while transcending demographics, cultures and specific brand targets was our challenge.

The Social Symphony's Social Archetyping™ has given us the right direction, providing great results by helping us to drive deep engagement and reach across our social channels. Now we’re re-thinking our communication style with members at other touch points as well.”